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five years. As the people were not able to endure the tyranny
of the palaigars and thieves, they abandoned their homes.
Both Devigudi and Danavulapadu were completely ruined.
Kaifiyat ofjambulamadugu : L. R, 1, p. 227.
As the efficiency of administration decreased after (the
death of Venkatapatideva Maharaya), the palaigars who
were in the neighbourhood of this village, having gathered
strength, harassed the villagers by demanding money. The
karanams made the chief farmer the reddi. The karanam and
the reddi having collected the requisite sum from the holders
of manya lands, paid them.
Kaifiyat of VellUla : L. R. 55 p. Itf.
Yacama  kicked upon the  chest of the traitors who were
treacherous to the throne of the Raya; pulled out the tongues of
the crafty people who plotted in secret, and defeated the obsti-
nate mannesvrho are frightened by the sight of armies engaged in
a fight (1).    On account of the victory which Yacama, who had
stood firmly in Karnataka, won over the enemies of the Raya, the
community of the Padmanayakas prospered ; the family of the
Recerla chiefs to which he belonged acquired great fame ;  the
descendants of Sarvajna Singa maintained their honour; and the
Velamas flourished having got rid of all their sorrows (2).   On
the day when Grobburi  Jaggaraja  having made  the   Dalavay
mad(?), seized his office ; when he, having gathered his friends,
murdered Ite Obulega in the fort of Velur; when he  forcibly
took possession of the well-filled treasury of the Raya ; and
when he massacred without abhorrence the Raya with his sons,
wives and friends, he might have considered himself dead; Jbut
he was able to keep himself alive for two more years, as he
sought safety in flight (8). Whfen Yacama charged the (enemy's)
army at Topur, Jaggaraja, having met death at his hands got
rid of the reproachful name 4 sinner'.    Vlrappa, being defeated,
himself in the fort of Cirutanapalli, and dared not open